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Have I told you guys how much I LOVE attending births as a doula? Yes, yes I really do. Our little city, Greenville, SC is full of amazing doulas who also truly love being doulas. I meet new amazing doulas all the time. It’s quite nice having doulas around who support each other. We all have one common goal and that’s for our clients to have the birth they want. In order for that to happen, we need a few tools! So, we talk about our doula bag tools. Here are a few of my favorite tools for the doula bag that I’ve used at almost all the births I’ve attended:

1: Honey sticks! They should be called Energy Sticks. Thankfully these can be used for moms with epidurals, who are not allowed to eat anything.

2: This little handy fan. I love this fan so much,  I actually have two now. I do have a tendency to forget a few things at births…ask my clients. 😉

3: Arnica Massage Oil by Weleda. It smells so amazing and arnica oil really helps with sore muscles. Your clients will thank you!

4: Vomiting bags. Yup, any old trashcan will do, but these have really come in handy!

5: Essential oils have really come in handy. I’ve used peppermint, lavender, Fragonia and lemongrass. I buy my oils from

6: Bobby pins I don’t know what it is about birth, but every woman’s hair goes crazy. Bobby pins seem to really help tame unruly hair.

7: Suckers, they really do come in handy!

8: Burt’s Bees chapstick! It’s one of those items most clients need during a longer birth time.

9: Scarf for sifting. I got mine at TJ Maxx.

10: Almond butter (unless your client has a nut allergy, then of course don’t offer this to them)

11: Plastic spoons to feed your client ice chips.

12: Bendy straws


What are some of your favorite doula bag tools to help your clients feel more comfortable during labor?

I hope all is well in your doula world!

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