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Whenever I tell people that I specialize in Fertility Massage, they look a little confused. I get questions like “what the heck is that?”. I just smile and assure them that it’s a NON-invasive massage. Before I go into detail about what the massage entails, let me tell you a little about who developed this technique. Claire Marie Miller , a massage therapist in Chapel Hill, NC, developed this technique out of her personal experience as a massage therapist and as a mother. She has a passion for the creative process for birth and healing. I took Claire’s fertility class and met her for the first time in 2009. I’ve been practicing this technique in Greenville, SC ever since!

Now let me tell you about the massage!
My clients generally set up an appointment for their massage right after their menstrual cycle ends, around day 5 or 6. Some people, especially those with PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome) may not have a regular cycle, so I might see them right away. PCOS clients have noticed a difference in their cycles after about two or three sessions. Some clients have been able to regulate their periods with only a few sessions. It’s fantastic! I do see clients who are also just trying to cleanse before conceptions. I work with couples who may have been actively trying for a while or couples who are taking time to cleanse their bodies before conception. I highly recommend cleansing for at least 3-6 months before actively trying to conceive. This is for both partners of course.

You may not realize this, but this fertility massage is also highly recommended when using ART (assisted reproductive technology) like IUI’s and IVF! Cleansing before these procedures and feeling relaxed before and after can only help the process.

We’ll start the session off discussing your history. During this time you’ll share information about your diet and your lifestyle. The more information you can share with me, the better I’m able to help you.

During the actual massage we’ll do the following:

  • Apply castor oil on the abdomen for cleansing
  • Cranio-Sacral holds for balancing
  • Integrative Reflexology® for fertility, stimulating reproductive areas, endocrine glands and the digestive system
  • Deep pelvic work to break up adhesions and increase blood to all pelvic organs
  • Shiatsu points to increase the chi (energy) through the reproductive areas
  • Fertility wisdom – includes knowledge about timing and awareness for potential conception
  • Specific aromatherapy for optimal hormonal functioning
  • Visualization techniques for tuning in and opening up the conception channel
  • It is best not to receive this work when menstruating or possibly pregnant.

At the end of your massage I’ll give you a list of books I recommend, information about improving your diet and I’ll create a plan for your specific needs. You’ll definitely leave feeling relaxed and empowered. Hope to see you soon!

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