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Boost Your Chances of Conception

A massage technique developed by Claire Marie Miller, LMT. An amazing woman who has helped many couples prepare their bodies for conception. Many people today suffer from infertility or have a really difficult time conceiving. Recommended readings will be given to aide each couple as they prepare their bodies for conception. It is an amazing technique that can be done on it’s own or with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Fertility massage opens, cleanses and balances the body in preparation for conception.

Take Care of Yourself


90 Min

$ 135

Initial Consultation

75-90 Min

$ 95

each following session

What to Expect During a Session

  • We’ll start off with a relaxing castor oil pack and instructions on how to create and use a pack at home for cleansing the digestive system and dissolving adhesions, cysts.
  • Calming and centering cranial-sacral holds for balancing and centering
    Integrative Reflexology® for fertility, stimulating reproductive areas, endocrine glands and the digestive system\
  • Deep pelvic work to break up adhesions and increase blood to all pelvic organs
  • Shiatsu points to increase the chi (energy) through the reproductive areas
  • Fertility wisdom – includes knowledge about timing and awareness for potential conception
  • Specific aromatherapy for optimal hormonal functioning from
  • Visualization techniques for tuning in and opening up the conception channel
  • It is best not to receive this work when menstruating or possibly pregnant. Please discuss with your therapist the best timing for appointments

Packages for all services available upon request.


Forms of Payment: Cash, Check and Major Credit Cards |  SC Lic# 5360