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What motivates you in life? What gets you excited? Are you a loner or do you run with the crowd? The introvert in me likes to be alone and I love helping people on a one-on-one basis. I think that’s why my job as a massage therapist and a doula are perfect for me. Concentrating on one person’s needs at a time, is what works best for me.


I have to think about what motivates me. Of course I want my family to be proud of my accomplishments, but being my own boss is very satisfying to me. Making a difference in someone’s life is incredibly satisfying. Being able to hold someone’s hand and tell them they are doing great and will see their baby soon, is awesome. Helping a massage client feel better because they are in pain, is incredibly rewarding. I’m in a field where one person really can make a difference. I’m definitely motivated daily by my different ideas to improve my business and to offer amazing services to my clients.


Adventure excites me. Sky diving, scuba diving and just being in nature. I could easily spend all day kayaking. I love to make my muscles work! I can’t wait for my kids to be a little older so we can do all those things together. I think they both have part of my adventurous side. Life is only going to be better with those two little munchkins by my side!


Spend some time thinking about what motivates you in life. Think about what excites you. Nobody has to live a cookie cutter lifestyle. It’s no fun to be the same!!


I hope all is well in your world!

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