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Jamaican Honeymoon

By October 14, 2009No Comments


October 3, 2009 was a pretty big day for me. I said my vows to the man I love and took on his last name. I am now Nadine Jacobs Gammon. That’s a mouthful. Justin and I went to Jamaica for 9 days for our honeymoon. It was amazing. So relaxing and beautiful. It rained everyday around 2, but I didn’t care because we just went back to our room, which had a nicely stocked mini-bar. We ate fresh fruit at almost every meal. Ate fresh fish almost every day and had fabulous fresh juices. Ok, and we had really amazing drinks. The holy water and hummingbird were some of my favorites.

Our only strenuous activity was going on a zip-line in the Jamaican jungle….where we were eaten alive by the jungle birds, most commonly known as mosquitoes. Although there were a number of water sports available to us, we only went snorkeling twice. With all that activity, we treated ourselves to a couple massages.

We felt like we were in heaven. Upon entering the spa, we were directed to the changing room to put our clothes away and put a robe and slippers on. We then entered a large hall with a hot tub in the floor with several massage rooms surrounding it. We sat in the hot tub until our therapist called our names. Justin and I experienced our first couples massage together and it was so peaceful and romantic. The therapists were friendly and definitely knew what they were doing.

On the massage tables they used towels instead of sheets. This made draping more difficult and full coverage almost impossible. You can imagine my surprise when the therapist started stretching my legs with a towel as coverage. Yes, a little too much exposure of the privates. I had to bite my tongue so I wouldn’t giggle. I just kept thinking, draping violation! Could it be that after 27 years of massaging, the therapist just didn’t care? I don’t know. It only happened with the first massage. My second massage wasn’t so revealing and the therapist gave more pressure than the first.

My tips for getting massages abroad: 1. Remember that not all massage therapists have to go to school. 2. In other countries draping may not even be a requirement. 3. If you feel uncomfortable, let the therapist know. 4. Every therapist is different.

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