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Hello friends! It’s been a WHILE!!! That’s what life’s like with an 8 month old! Busy busy! I love it though. I love being home with my little guy and being able to watch him grow. It does come with some sacrifice though. I now have more time to shop and more time to find things that I WANT! I want I want I want. I’ve had to put the “I wants” on the back burner. It’s time to start making more sacrifices. How on earth do people “get ahead” these days? Cost of living is going up! You get married and have a baby and then you say BYE BYE to any extra money you had. With the economy the way it is, nobody is getting pay raises to accommodate these extra expenses. When you have a baby your health insurance DOUBLES!!!

Of course the house you bought as a couple is no longer big enough for the three of you. Your car is too small because your stroller alone takes up the entire back of your car! (You know I HAD to have the SUV of strollers, and I love it) So now the car you got as a high school senior eleven years ago not only needs to replaced due to age, it needs to be bigger and better! Ahh…if only we lived in Europe. I think I could be happy. I know that we can adjust to living in a small space. I need to remind myself constantly that if I lived in Europe, 1,200 sq feet would be a mansion! My Rav 4 would be considered to be as big as a Toyota Sequoia (my DREAM car)!!!

I’m just wondering, how do people move to the next level without going into debt? I’ve read Dave Ramsey and everything he says makes sense. Budget budget budget. Of course Dave! BUT, if you’re only able to save maybe $200 a month, how in the hell are going to be able to even put 10% down on a bigger house? How can you pay for a new car with cash at the same time that you’re saving to put 10% down on a house? How is this all done without working 24 hours a day? Which I feel like the hubs is working that MUCH anyway, just to keep us going. Do we cut everything out and live with nothing? Then you listen to THE SECRET and they mention The Law of Attraction and to really feel that you are wealthy and have an endless supply of money. It’s so frustrating to think for a second, I HAVE ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORRRRLLLDDD!!! Wohahahahahaha. Then, you look at the bills and think of everything you need to pay and then you try to figure out what else can you cut out? It’s SOOOO frustrating.

THEN, you read about all the pesticides on produce and all the hormones in meat. Now I’m being forced to buy ORGANIC that costs SOOO much more just so that I can have a healthy child and avoid autism and all the other crap that the pesticides cause. I don’t need my children growing breasts at age 8 thank you very much (ok, if I had a daughter).

So I’m doing my part and I’m giving up the Blackberry! Honestly, $30 a month to have internet on my phone when I have access to the internet all day at home really is a waste. I’m sure my clients will adjust to calling me or texting if they need to cancel last minute. I WILL BE OK without my Blackberry. Right? I was fine without it before I even got it. I really want to know though, how do you get ahead with no raises, without cutting out everything in your life? How are you saving for your future homes, cars, retirement, children’s college? It can make you go crazy just thinking about it!!!! Let’s face it. Not everyone CAN make 6 figures. Are you all just in debt and living in denial? Talk to me people!! 🙂

I surely hope all is well in your financial world!!!



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