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During the summer I took a mini class on essentials oils at the birth center, Labors of Love. Being a massage therapist I’ve always known about essential oils, but it wasn’t until I took this little class that I truly became interested. I purchased a kit with a few oils, which I seem to be using daily now. One of the oils is called OnGuard, from DoTerra. I’m using it on my 8 week old baby to help his immune system so that he does not get sick. I put it on his feet most days, but especially if we go out. When you use essential oils on children, especially babies, it’s important to dilute the oil with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil. I use Jojoba oil which is what I massage my clients with.

Yesterday morning I noticed that my little baby was pretty congested when he woke up. After making sure that he didn’t have a temperature and checking with the appropriate people to make sure he wasn’t sick, I decided to use the Breathe respiratory blend on his feet. I also have a diffuser in our home. So I diffused the Breathe blend so that he would be able to inhale it. I would say within an hour his congestion had cleared. It was amazing!!! I’m also using a Purify blend to purify my house. The OnGuard can also be diffused to help kill airborne pathogens. So far this winter none of us have been sick.

Those are just a few oils that I’ve been using. I’ve noticed that the essential oils have also helped my mood! One of my favorite combinations is lavender and geranium! It smells so good and I feel so relaxed whenever I diffuse it. Just wonderful!! I think it’s great that we are able to use something natural to help protect and treat sicknesses. Of course you should always consult your physician if you are sick, but this is a natural way to keep yourself healthy.

If you would like information about DoTerra Essential Oils, please contact me at These oils are 100% therapeutic grade, which is what you want your oils to be. Since you are able to use some of these oils internally, it’s important to use them in their purest form. Essential oils have been used since Biblical times. I think there is something to it!!!

I hope all is well in your world!!!!

**Always consult a physician when your children are sick. Some essential oils used by themselves can burn a person. Be very careful when using the oils on children. Use with caution.

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