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Cloth diapers-Is it worth it?

By May 27, 2010One Comment

I never thought I would decide to use cloth diapers. Let’s face it, it’s more work! Disposable diapers are so convenient! You use them and then trash them and you don’t have to see them ever again. That’s not the end of their life though! They aren’t sure how long it actually takes for disposable diapers to decompose, but it’s been estimated that it takes about 250-500 years PER DIAPER. That is a long time! Cloth diapers are used at least 50-200 times, depending on the brand of course. We will be using the Bumgenius diapers, which can be used from birth to potty training for at least two to three children. They also have a really high resale value.

The scary thing about disposable diapers made in the US is that they use chemicals such as Dioxin, which is used in the bleaching process and is known to be a carcinogenic chemical. It has also been listed by the EPA as one of the most toxic cancer-linked chemicals. Think about it people, how many diapers are you using a day? How often are you exposing your baby to this toxin? It’s not the only one either. We really need to be doing our research. Just because a TV commercial shows a happy baby wearing a disposable diaper, doesn’t mean we should use them.

If you need another reason, think about all the money you’ll be saving! I just purchased 24 Bumgenius diapers for $339. I’ll use them for a very long time. Disposable diapers cost about $0.25 each. You’ll probably spend around $70 a month on disposables, that’s about $840 a year. Some kids aren’t potty-trained until age 3, so that’s $2,520 for three years. I only spent $339 for those three years and I’ll be able to use them for my second baby. If that doesn’t make you excited then I’ll add that some cloth diapers have a high resale value up to $10 a diaper. This is a no brainer!!

Let me know what you think guys!

For more information check out this site:

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I hope all is well in your diaper world!

One Comment

  • Kelly Brogdon says:

    You’re so right! I shudder to think of all the chemicals so many babies are subjected to in the name of “convenience” for parents. Only about 7% of babies ever had diaper rash before disposables were invented. After everyone switched to disposables, the number of children with diaper rash skyrocketed to 78%. So there you go. We have used the BumGenius diapers for 4 months now, and our little one has never once had diaper rash. We love them. It’s not that big a deal to wash diapers, it’s not been an inconvenience for us even when we’re out and about, and it’s a big benefit to your baby and the earth. So glad you have decided to go this route!!!

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