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Pregnancy is NOT for dummies.

By April 25, 2010April 28th, 20103 Comments

Hello everyone. I’m back. Since my Valentine’s Day special, quite a lot has happened. I got pregnant and then went on a wonderful two week vacation to my native country, South Africa. More about that later.

I’d like to take you on my little three month journey of pregnancy. As females we all admire the pregnant woman’s cute belly. Well, let me tell you, pregnancy isn’t so cute after all. You wake up one morning, take four home pregnancy tests just to make sure that the first one was accurate and then you get a cold because your mind is telling you that “CONGRATULATIONS, YOU’RE KNOCKED UP” now it’s time to be sick. So yes, it starts out with little cold, then the nausea comes. For me it lasted maybe 3 weeks. Don’t be jealous! I can’t help it. However, during those three weeks, I wanted to die. Cooked food repulsed me. My husband smelled awful to me. I couldn’t kiss him without asking him to brush his teeth. It was awful. Then you’re gassy and constipated. It’s just ugly. Again, I tell you, being pregnant is in no way, shape or form,  cute!

So after you finally stop gagging, which by the way, cooked vegetables are still disgusting to me, then your body starts aching. With my body type, as soon as I gain a few pounds I look like a baby elephant. I’m one of those people that has to run or workout a lot in order to keep my weight down.  I’ve gained 6.5 pounds so far, and feel disgusting. It also doesn’t help that I gained 8 pounds after the wedding, which yes, was just in October last year. No need to remind me that I got pregnant quickly! I AM a fertility massage specialist after all!

So here I am, 13.5 weeks pregnant and my legs and arms are already dimpled form cellulite. I get weird cramps in weird places when I exercise and my tailbone hurts so much I feel like my butt is going to split in two. I don’t have clothes that fit anymore, because I let myself go after the wedding and just feel like a big bloated mess! We have officially started our birthing classes, which have been interesting. We’ve been given a nutrition sheet to keep track of our food. Before I was pregnant I use to eat the way the sheet recommends…your healthy protein, veggies, fruit etc. But now all that tastes good to me is fried chicken and pizza. How am I supposed to avoid looking like a whale when my body is fighting me and doesn’t want the healthy foods? I try to force feed vegetables to myself, but it’s hard. I’ve always eaten healthy. Being a little piggy now is really hard!

I’m interested to find out how the rest of our pregnancy journey will go. I hope vegetables will become part of my daily diet again. I don’t want my baby to look like a fried chicken when he/she arrives. (By the way, I’m betting it’s a girl). Being pregnant is a lot of work emotionally, physically and mentally. You can’t be a dumb dumb when you have a baby in your tum tum. Seriously, all the planning it takes to prepare your body to be healthy is exhausting. Taking your supplements when they make you gag, walking as much as you can so your butt doesn’t double in size and you can still look semi attractive to your husband. It’s a lot of work. Everything will all be worth it in the end when we get to hold our new little baby. I’m just going to let my child read this blog entry every time he/she misbehaves or questions me.

I hope all is well in your world!

***Just a little added note: I’m 100% happy that I am pregnant! Everything that I have gone through is worth it because there’s a wonderful gift at the end of this tunnel. Just wanted to give you a glimpse of what my experience has been like. I’m able to get through ALL of this because I am SO happy to be pregnant. You don’t always hear all these things from other people, and I thought I’d give an honest perspective of how things can be. I’ve been fortunate that I haven’t been very sick, but as a woman who has tried taking care of herself, gaining weight has been a very challenging thing to deal with!


  • Magda Gammon says:

    You are beautiful, Nadine!!!! Though your body is changing in many ways and it is foreign to you, you ARE growing a baby!!! How beautiful and miraculous and amazing it is!!! This time will go by quickly, so try to enjoy it 🙂

    P.S. My prenatal made me feel nauseous, so someone recommended that I take it before bed and that helped a great deal! 🙂 I continue taking it at night and it has helped.

  • Lelia Chiles says:

    Congratulations Nadine! I am so very happy for you.

  • Shannon Holt Jones says:

    Nadine- This is great news! Love your honest outlook. I’m 8 months along with my 2nd and can’t wait to read your posts about the other ‘interesting’ changes that are coming your way!!

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