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My interest in Iridology started in 2008 when I made my first appointment with Terry Hall-Hines at Creative Health, in Greenville, SC. By that time I was so frustrated with medical doctors never knowing what was wrong with me. I was having terrible stomach pains and my body was always hurting. I always felt sluggish and tired and couldn’t figure out why.  I heard about Iridology before this, but never really took it seriously. I always thought that it would be fun to do. It seemed that after I first started hearing about Iridology, everyone was talking about it and everyone I knew went to Terry. So I made my first appointment with her, but I had two wait 5 months to see her. I thought, wow, she MUST be good if I have to wait this long.

My day finally arrived to see Terry. During my session with her she looked at my nails, looked at my tongue then looked into my eyes. She didn’t ask too many questions, which I was happy about because I truly wanted to know what she would find out by looking into my iris (my eyes). She told me that I had an under active Thyroid and that I have been having problems with my colon, which would be the Irritable Bowel Syndrome I have had for numerous years. She could tell that overall I was quite healthy, but I needed to work on a few things. She created a new diet for me and gave me some herbs to take.

My new diet was quite an adjustment but I was able to see results immediately. When you’ve had years and years of stomach problems, being pain free is huge! I remember Terry’s list of no no’s were: no canned foods, no microwaving, no red meat, no dairy, of course no processed foods and no acidic fruits. When she went down the list I felt frustrated because I thought, well what can I eat then? Turns out there’s a lot you can eat!!! I switched to almond butter instead of peanut butter due to peanuts being more acidic. I started eating Ezekiel bread and cereal. For lunch I would have salad, lentils and rice or hummus and avocado sandwiches. Then for dinner it was usually a protein with veggies. Food combining was really important when it came to meals. I was not to eat starches with proteins. Only proteins with non-starchy vegetables or vegetables and carbohydrates.

This diet may seem overwhelming at first. However, once you see that you feel better physically and emotionally you’ll know that it’s definitely worth it. Taking the herbs may seem like a lot as well, but I’ve learned that just tackling one issue at a time saves you from taking so many pills. The herbs definitely help though. I found that I could take natural herbs as an anti-inflammatory for when I was doing all my racing. I could take a mood-elevator or a natural anti-depressant for those bad days. Too many times our doctors just write a prescription for us without really finding out what the issue is.

While I was waiting for my appointment with Terry one day, there was a gentleman who was waiting as well. He started chatting with me and told me his history with Terry. He was diagnosed with cancer and started coming to her for treatment. While taking the herbs and sticking to the diet she recommended, his cancer went away. He stopped taking the herbs and had another check up. The doctors found that the cancer came back and they scheduled radiation for him. Before his appointment he came back to see Terry and went back on the herbs and stuck to her diet. He never had to have that radiation treatment, because they couldn’t find the cancer! It’s truly an amazing story and I know there are many more people out there.

Terry treats people with many different ailments. I feel truly lucky to have had the privilege of being one of her clients. She has inspired me to do my own research on nutrition and to be more mindful of what I am eating. A nutritious diet plays a key role in our lives. It affects our mood daily and how we feel physically. When you don’t feel your best, you simply can’t be your best. If you feel like you need a diet make over, I highly recommend you start with an appointment with one of the Iridologists at Creative Health. Terry is wonderful and she works with a great group of people!! Good luck! I can’t wait to hear about your journeys to living a healthier life.

I hope all is well in your world!


  • Nikki says:

    Do they deal with blood pressure issues and getting off medications

  • Lida Christmas says:

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  • I can’t speak for them, since that isn’t an issue I’ve dealt with personally. I’m sure that it’s something they can help you with though.

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