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The end of the day can be so crazy with little kids. Dinner is over and it’s time for bath and bed. However, sometimes the TV might be on and the kids still want to play and then it feels like bedtime lasted the entire evening. For the most part we try to get our kids to bed by 7:30pm. That’s a good time for the entire family and it leaves enough time for the grownups to have some time together.

I’ve been reading more and more about the benefits of meditation. After a few days of craziness, I decided to go on YouTube to see if they had any videos on meditations for kids. Well, they did and we really like this meditation. We turn all the lights out and light a few candles. Then we lie down on the living room floor with pillows and blankets and we just listen. It’s been really great for my four year old and I feel he goes to sleep so much faster! Our two year old is still a little too young right now, so we do make sure she is in bed first. She’s more interested in the candles, so we need to keep her safe! Family meditation has been a really nice ending do a busy day.

Some nights I’ll continue to do a short meditation by myself once the kids are asleep. It’s been a really nice way to relax, regroup and focus on the goals I have in my life. It helps me to tune out the noise and gives me an opportunity to feel gratitude for everything in my life. I enjoy this time to calm my mind. I always have so many ideas that come and go and just being able to be still for 10, 15, 20 minutes is amazing!

At this point I don’t have any favorites to share with you, but I hope to in the future! What helps you to wind down after a busy day? Do you use meditation in your life? Has your life changed in any way?


I hope all is well in your world!

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