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12 weeks to go and feeling confident!

By August 4, 20102 Comments

I received my weekly update telling me what’s happening this week with my baby. I’ve now entered the third trimester and I feel ready. I think I’ve done an ok job keeping the weight down and not eating for two. I’ve been making more of a conscious effort to eat the right foods. I still enjoy my dessert though! I can remember back when I was only 12 weeks pregnant and it feels like the last 16 weeks have just flown by.

We have made some really important decisions in the last few weeks. The most important has been choosing how to birth our baby. It’s so great that we have choices. We’ve decided to do a natural childbirth with no medication. In order for our wishes to have a natural childbirth to come to fruition, we have chosen to give birth at a birth center. We’ve chosen to have our baby at Labors of Love in Spartanburg. We couldn’t be happier with our decision. The nice thing about birthing with them, is that they have also taken over all my prenatal care. It has been so nice being able to work with Linda and Amy. I’m able to e-mail or call them whenever I have a question about something and I get replies within a few hours. They aren’t pushy and explain everything in great detail. I feel like our baby is going to be in good hands.

Linda and Amy have also introduced me to Mary Kury of Upstate Natural Birth. Mary teaches the well known Bradley Method, which are the husband/coach assisted childbirth classes. We attended a classes for 12 weeks and were well informed about how to birth our babies without using medication. Mary’s classes were informative and have helped us come to a place where we feel really confident about having a natural birth. In my mind, there is just no other way to bring this baby into the world. It’s so important to do your research and not leave everything up to the Doctors. Medical doctors definitely have a place in the world. I do feel that there are too many cesareans occurring each day at hospitals.

I’ve really enjoyed being pregnant and love feeling little Andrew kick. However, I’m not going to lie, but I would love for the next 12 weeks to fly by. Like every other pregnant woman, I want my body back! I’m dying to get out there and run! We’ve purchased our BOB stroller and can’t wait to use it!!!

I hope all is well in your world!


  • Magda says:

    woo hoo! so exciting, Nadine! You’re in the final trimester! Such a great accomplishment! These next 12 weeks will go by fast and, before you know it, Andrew will be in your arms! Praying for a safe birth and happy, healthy baby!!!:)

  • Molly says:

    Best wishes to you! We went into our process looking to have a natural childbirth and the most laid back experience possible. I ended up having an epidural toward the end of my delivery because of some complications and after discussing it with the midwife and Tony I decided it was the best decision for myself and the baby. Luckily since it was so close to the end the medication didn’t affect Samantha at all. She came out wide eyed and completely ready to interact with everyone around her, not drugged up at all. I have two pieces of advice that you may take as you will. Number 1: Write out a birth plan to give to anyone who will be participating in your birth process. It gives them a clear idea of your wishes so that you aren’t pressured into doing something you aren’t comfortable with and it also lets you and Justin put extra thought into all the things you want for your birth experience. 2. Have a plan, but don’t expect to stick to it necessarily. Things rarely go exactly as you want them to – so be prepared to be flexible and to bend to the situation at hand. For me, that’s why a birth plan was so helpful. I knew what I was willing to do, and the midwife and nurses and my family knew my wishes in any situation that was presented to us. It helped to make what could have been a stressful situation/decision with my last minute epidural – something very easy and not stressful at all. It also helped me during recovery to be sure that all staff knew I was solely breastfeeding so they didn’t give Sam formula without explicit instruction from me. Sending good thoughts your way! If you want to chat about natural birthing, delivery, birth plans or anything don’t hesitate to let me know 🙂

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