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Fertility Massage, Pre and Peri Natal Massage, Labor Massage, Infant Massage

By December 10, 2009No Comments

The last six months have been filled with transitions. After 5 days of classes, driving to Atlanta and driving to the NC coast, I’m officially certified as a Fertility Massage Specialist and am certified in pre and peri-natal massage. In addition to these certifications, I am also able to massage during labor and massage newborns and infants. I will be teaching mothers and fathers how to massage their babies, as it aids in the bonding process between them. It is such a an easy way to connect with your baby and to help them feel happy.

Fertility massage is for those who are thinking about having children. It is to relax, cleanse and prepare the body for conception. I have a handful of books that I can recommend to those who are ready to start a family. It’s good to prepare your body at least 4 months before conception. Fertility massage can also be used with any fertility drugs.

Prenatal massage is useful for pregnancy. I typically start seeing clients in their second trimester when you probably see changes in your body. These sessions are typically 60 minutes. Sixty minute sessions are recommended up until the last month, then I would suggest that you get a 90 minute massage. I’m trained to work on your hips, where quite a few women get sciatica. These are all full body massages. If you go past your due date, I am able to work pressure points that could aid in speeding up labor.

Massage during labor is wonderful if you are at a birth center or even a hospital. Having a massage therapist on hand can be very beneficial to the mother. I typically apply counter pressure to your back when you are having contractions. I’m there if you want your feet or hands massaged.Infant/newborn massage is a very simple massage technique that aids in digestion and helps with circulation. It’s a great way for parents to bond with their babies.

I am very passionate about working with you all whether you are planning on starting a family or going into labor. I’m here if you need advise on what books to read or what birth center to use. I would not make recommendations if I didn’t believe in what a book said or if I hear negative stories about a birth center. I hope all is well in your world.

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