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The last 4-6 weeks of pregnancy can sometimes feel like eternity. That’s why I’ve come up with 15 fun things for you to do to pass the time.

1) Get a massage or two or three. I sell prenatal massage packages and there are so many benefits to receiving prenatal massage. As of 38 weeks, make sure you ask your therapist to rub those induction points! Please call me to make an appointment. 864-608-1577

2) Make sure your body is in alignment and visit my favorite Chiropractor in town, Dr. Sarah Davis at LifeLogic Health Center. Dr. Sarah is a pregnancy guru and has helped so many of my clients prepare their bodies for childbirth. She’s absolutely amazing and I think you’ll love her too!

3) Go for a walk along the Swamp Rabbit Trail and stop by the Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery for a bite to eat! They have amazing sandwiches and have gluten-free options. They also sell King of Pop popsicles, and you can stock up on local foods!

4) Let gravity do it’s job and go for a walk in Cleveland Park. You can visit the Greenville Zoo while you’re there!

5) A short hike around Paris Mountain State Park will do your body good! Again, get that gravity to work with you!

6) Get a pedicure and ask the gals to rub your feet for a few extra minutes.

7) Get a group of girls together and paint! Sassy Paints Uptown Art

8) From May to October visit the Downtown Market and meet all the local farmers. Another great way to get some walking in.

9) Get your stretch on with an awesome yoga class. I love Greenville Yoga!

10) Grab a friend and have lunch at Everyday Organic. Their green smoothies are amazing!

11) Depending on what’s in season, you can pick your own fruit in Greenville County and surrounding areas: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, peaches, apples, pumpkins and more!

12) Book a photographer for your birth or newborn shots.

13) Depending on the time of year, find a pool and get cool! If you already have kids, find a splash pad or waterpark for the kids. They’ll have a blast and you’ll stay cool.

14) Get busy and prepare some freezer meals. A newborns sleep schedule can be unpredictable! Getting proper nutrition through the postpartum period will help you feel your best.

15) Depending on what you’re planning for your family, attend a breastfeeding support group, baby wearing group, cloth diaper group. You’ll learn so many helpful tips that could help the adjustment period to parenthood be so much smoother. You can get more information about these groups from Upstate BirthNetwork.

Of course make sure your birth bag is packed, doula has been hired, carseat has been checked and fridge is full of freezer meals. Best wishes with your birth! May all be well in your birth world!

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